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Pillow Talk...not all pillows are created equal.

Not all pillows are created equal...working with a designer you will most likely have access to unique and beautiful pillows as well as custom designs and sizes. Pillows are an inexpensive way to add some color or change the mood of a room.

Do you know what pillow is best for you? Let's start in the bedroom just because that is where a lot of the action is...oops did I say that...where the relaxation is! Ha!

Essentials first - Questions to ask yourself... Are you a back sleeper, side sleeper, do you have back or neck problems? When picking out a quality pillow you need to think of these as well as, are you sensitive to fillers or artificial materials? Pillows come in all shapes and sizes and fillers these days so start here.

Now for the pretty ones - What size is your bed? What style do you like? Are they just for looks or will they serve a purpose? There is so much you can do...have fun play around with it. If there are rules I think you should break them! Share pics of your creative and fun beds! I'd love to see them!

Living/Family Rooms - Depending on what the room is used for and how much use it gets will dictate what kind of pillows you want. Is the room used for entertaining, relaxation, do you lay down, sit, how much time do you spend there? For example: We have a big family and everyone likes different kinds of pillows so we have really fluffy ones, kind of flat ones, super soft ones and lumbar for support. We watch tv before bed nightly and spend at least 2 hours a day on our sofas. Comfort was a big deal for us. If you have really decorative ones with beading or rough textures they probably wont be comfortable for little heads. Plan accordingly, think about the space as a whole. Lumbar pillows are really great in oversized chairs too so non-tall people can get the support they need.

Custom | Sizes

Pillows come in all shapes and sizes. You can customize them to fit your needs, wishes and wants!

I stumbled onto a really awesome site where you can design your own pillows. It is super easy to use and fun...check it out here:

Down VS Polly Fill

Have you ever envied your neighbors pillow on her sofa? They are all shapely and plump? Poly filled pillows usually lose shape and plumpness and can end up looking flat. Down filler or if you are allergic a faux down can be fluffed by simply beating them a bit or tossing them around a bit. One draw back is sometimes the feathers get loose. They also have zippers on the covers so you can clean them or change them out for special occasions.

How to Care for Your Pillows

Caring for pillows it pretty easy. Follow the label. Pillows should be cleaned twice a year. Some decorative ones should be hand washed inside out and hung to dry. If you clip your tags...I suggest saving them in a baggie and keeping them tucked in your linen closet to go back to at a later time.


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