Why Hire an Interior Designer (What your neighbor won't tell you!)

1. An interior designer is trained to enhance your quality of life, wherever you live, work, play or heal. (American Society of Interior Designers)

Interior designers can take away the stress of trying to make it all coordinate. So often I am invited into my clients homes and they say, " Wow that was easy! I should have called you months ago!" We know how to finish the project so it is cohesive and well planned. We are problem solvers. Not saying you can't do it. However, we have been through extensive training. Most interior designers have at least a 3 year program with a Bachelor degree, and some even more, Masters or degrees in architecture are not uncommon. We take classes like building systems, space planning, codes, lighting, design process, furniture design and much more. We do not take classes on how to pick the best pillows or accessories to fill your shelves. We learn how to design your kitchen and bath so it works for you, what ever your personal needs may be. Every human is different and shouldn't have to fit into the same kitchen as their neighbor, just because it was built that way.

2. Interior Designers are always continuing their education and learning about new products.

We have vendors sending us new and fun things all the time. We are just waiting to show these fun new things to the "right" client. Why have the same stuff as your neighbor bought at local strip mall or box store? We find unique and customizable items to fill your home with. We want your home to be a reflection of you. We also work with wholesalers and get gre