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All of the Above Design Studio


Meet the Team

The teams many years of varied experience and deep knowledge of the interior design industry have not only made them successful designers, but also subject matter experts and leaders in the interior design space.  We specialize in high-end residential to include, multi-family, senior living, and hospitality design.

"Each room deserves dignity, respect and a healthy dose of laughter"

- Kelly Wearstler - 

Our Mission... At All of the Above Design Studio we value you.  We believe interior design is fundamental, it transforms lives.  Interior design can impact your health and we want you to feel good in your space.   We want to humanize your living or working environment and make your home or work place more meaningful for you and your family.

We are innovators, creators, visionaries, through collaboration and input from everyone who will use the space, we will design something truly special.   Our unique approach will help the end users function better making their lives more comfortable, healthy and the end result will be nothing short of luxurious.  We think outside the box.  The process may take you out of your comfort zone but the end results will be breathtaking.

More About Our Team... 

Tabitha Jean Evans, an Arizona native, award-winning interior designer, who published her first book, “Becoming a Designer of Distinction: What Interior Design School Won’t Teach You.” Evans is a celebrated interior designer who leads her own interior design firm located in both Arizona and Texas.  Residing in Georgetown,Texas. Significantly experienced and proficient at project design and management, Tabitha brings unwavering standards of excellence and a passion for helping people to her leadership role as Principal of All of the Above Design Studio LLC. She is responsible for integrating design into the delivery process, negotiating and managing contracts, establishing the design vision and managing communication with customers.

Tabitha’s professional background is rooted in the multidisciplinary requirements of interior design—ranging from senior living, hospitality, multifamily environments to high end residential. She brings a unique perspective to all design processes while maintaining the team’s focus on the end user’s needs, producing a product that is both beautifully designed and functional. Tabitha sharpens decision making, adding value design and strengthening profits.

Respected for her skills as a communicator, presenter and mentor, she advocates for exceptional outcomes while taking a disciplined approach to budgetary and scheduling constraints. A former Signals Intelligence Analyst with the US Army, Tabitha has received multiple medals and citations at the highest levels for her service record.


She is the is the current Chair for ASID on a National Committee and also the Austin DC, a past interior design instructor at Scottsdale Community College, a past president and current member of the of the American Society of Interior Designers. When she is not working you can find Tabitha spending time with family and friends, in the kitchen where she loves to cook or traveling the world.  

Juan Manual Aguilar, is an Arizona native, award-winning designer and graduate of Northern Arizona University. He is well versed in hospitality, senior living and all things procurement. Juan brings many years of experience and dedication to the profession in his role as Director of Interior Design.  Juan has a tremendous respect for all things creative. He loves creating spaces for people to thrive in, that take into consideration their health, wellbeing and safety.  He enjoys inspiring those around him through his creative designs.  When he is not at work you can find Juan traveling the world, getting fit at the gym or enjoying time with friends and family! 


Juan Manual and Tabitha have worked together off and on in various capacities  since 2015 and make a great design team.


Our team members are based in Arizona and Texas and will travel for both national and international projects.

Schedule an appointment today to discuss how we can help bring your design to life.

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