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"Each room deserves dignity, respect and a healthy dose of laughter"

- Kelly Wearstler - 

Tabitha Evans, an Arizona native, award-winning interior designer, who published her first book, “Becoming a Designer of Distinction: What Interior Design School Won’t Teach You.” Evans is a celebrated interior designer who works as the Director of Architecture for the South Central Region for Ryan Companies in Texas.  She is a past interior design instructor at Scottsdale Community College, a past president and current member of the of the American Society of Interior Designers. She is also veteran of the United States Army, where she served for more than six years as a signals intelligence analyst. 

Her many years of varied experience and deep knowledge of the interior design industry have not only made her a successful designer, but also an expert and leader in the interior design space. 



“Becoming a Designer of Distinction: What Interior Design School Won’t Teach You.”  The book is an uplifting look at how interior designers can either begin, or positively transform their careers with insight on how to find mentors, gain valuable experience, connect with clients and maintain a positive outlook throughout it all.  

The book, which offers guidance for interior design students and seasoned designers alike, provides valuable tips and straightforward advice to help any designer elevate their career to the next level. It also includes a workbook to help designers connect with what inspires, drives and motivates them. 

“I wrote this book for interior designers at all levels who not only want to be the best designer they can possibly be, but also want to tap into their motivation, find positivity and happiness in their work and connect with their authenticity,” Evans said. “It’s my hope that this book will help inspire readers to excel in every aspect of their lives by finding fulfillment and success in interior design.”



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