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It’s absolutely perfect. I love it.


"I’m so happy for you and for everyone that reads it. Xoxo Tabitha."  💛💛💛

"There’s so much in there that I have tried to instill in every intern, every future designer that’s shadowed me, and everyone that’s asked me for advice or guidance. There’s so much more though that you have really honed in on and have a grasp of that most people don’t. This is something that seasoned designers could read every few years as a refresh. That’s what it felt like for me in a personal sense. A reminder of best practices, and a tool to energize a designer if they’ve suffered a failure or feel broken. The world needed this book. It’s sincere and it’s positive and it’s easy to read. You nailed it!"                                                                             

Chris, Award Winning Interior Designer,  Allied ASID

Real Life Advice

"As you read this book, you feel Tabitha is right there talking to you directly. Her advice is straight forward, filled with real life experiences and tips that are of great value. Following her guidelines, you have the opportunity to be a successful Interior Designer. Especially important is her guidance to be YOU and trust your instincts. Know when to say “No” to your clients, your friends, and, if necessary, your employer. Stand your ground. Honor yourself. Put your heart into your work. This book should be part of any Introduction to an Interior Design program."


Nancy, MBA, NEWH/ASID Industry Partner


'This book is exactly what you need to get started in a career that will be different every day. It allows you to see tips and tricks to becoming the best designer that you can be. Learn and explore the many different options that you are never taught in a classroom setting. What a great book to get you started!!! Thank you Mrs. Tabitha Evans - what a jewel you are to share your information."                   


Pat, an Avid Reader and Enthusiast

Secrets of a fabulous Interior Design career.

"Tabitha’s grounded advice comes from learning with “boots on the ground” effort and experience! Her excellent insights to the realities of the wonderful career of interior design are all so true and invaluable. Advice that comes from experience and being in the field itself is shared selflessly and without ego. You’ll be very glad to own this one!!"


Lynne, Award Winning Designer, Designer of Distinction, Allied ASID, Design Icon

Use your creativity to change the world!

"Her sensitivity and kindness for people come through in this book, to be so giving to up and coming Interior Designers. She recommends being real and authentic, she helps you find your true design style, to be an original. Tabitha gives you practical tips and experiences to help you progress in your interior design career. A must-read!"


Patricia, Published Author, Interior Designer, Allied ASID

Informative and Fun Read for Designers

"I myself went to school for Interior Design, and this book really does give helpful information you can only learn from experience! So thankful Tabitha was willing to share her tips and tricks to help make anyone a better designer. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in design!"                                                 

Katie, Award Winning Interior Designer, Allied ASID

A must-read for anyone interested in an interior design career

"Evans presents a well-written series of tips for both students and practitioners of interior design. The size of the book is extremely manageable but still filled with a lot of valuable advice. Each chapter prompts reflection and tasks the reader to participate in the process, of becoming a designer of distinction. It's not a book you just read once but revisit on a regular basis. I can see this as a must-read for design students as well as a refresher for seasoned designers. For those working to elevate the profession of interior design, the industry desperately needed a text like this."

Rachel, Program Director, Interior Design, MSD | ASID | IDEC | LEED GA | NCIDQ 


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